Multinational pump manufacturer the Grundfos Group through its new division, the DWT Group, has launched a number of new products in the Australasian market. One of these products is Alma Pumps that is proudly distributed by ClayTech Pumps. Managing Director, Mike Thompson, is excited to promote a quality product such as Alma Pumps into the diverse Australasian market. He stated “Alma Pumps fits strategically into the professional service we provide into the waste water treatment and dewatering industries. It also compliments the other products supplied by the DWT Group in Leader Pumps and WaCS Electronics. We look forward to developing a long term reputation in the professional market place.”

Mr Thompson says that Alma Pumps specialises in the manufacture of drainage, dewatering and wastewater pumps. The experience in these areas will allow marketing across various Industries including Mining, Municipal Councils, Commercial and Domestic.

One of the market leaders across the world is Alma’s high-performance dewatering pump, the Dig. One of the innovative patented features of this pump is that of a steel cable, which is encased as one of the cores of the pump's power cable, completely insulated and an integral part of the cable. This gives the power cable the strength to allow users to pull the pump out of water by the cable, which is common practice, but usually damages the pump's cable.

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